The Story So Far...

George, cursed with bad luck, starts to make his way back to civilization. He’s had enough of the wilderness life, and possibly wants an explanation as to the strange events of the past few months. While en route, he finds himself being hunted by yet another vampire. He doesn’t know know it’s a vampire, but after killing a few of them and seeing them burst into flames, well, he has his suspicions. The fight with the vampire is over almost before it starts, as a new player enters the game and helps him in the fight. This new player, Peter, explains to George that there are demons in the world, and those that fight them. He explains to George that he (Peter) is also one of these demons, and that George is a Bloodborn, one who is destined to stand up against the demons. He tells George that he turned sides for the better, and can’t imagine going back to Chaos. George accepts Peter’s offer to stay with him for the time being. Not long after getting settled in, the two are attacked at Peter’s home by four vampires…

Jake, a combat medic in the Army, began getting his visions six months ago, as well as an amazing ability to heal others. These visions showed him many things, including his future connection to Will Willis, who was also in the Army. The two eventually were assigned to the same unit, and forged a solid friendship. Jake never revealed his abilities, or how the two actually came together. The two left the army at the same time, settling in the first city they arrived in when they came back from overseas. Jake knew that Will had special abilities, abilities that even Will was unaware of. He chose to keep quiet until an incident that could not be disputed arose. Soon enough, he had a vision of the two of them helping two others that were being attacked by four vampires, and off they went.

Four ravers (undisciplined vampires) had been spying on Peter. Devlin, the leader of their nest, likes to keep tabs on Peter because Peter turned his back on his own kind. However, Peter had a house-guest, George. And since George is a Bloodborn, he smells very delicious to the vampires (even Peter has a hard time ignoring it). So they attacked. This is where Jake’s vision led him and Will, and the ensuing fight left all four ravers killed. Will, not yet ready to face (or to believe) what he just witnessed, leaves the area and heads back home, only to be chased by two more vampires. After getting away, he makes it back to his apartment and is confronted by two individuals claiming to be members of “The Order”. Not knowing what to believe, or who to trust, Will makes the two strangers leave.

Soon after, Jake, Peter, and George meet up with Will. In an effort to convince Will of what is really happening in the real world, and as revenge for the attack at Peter’s house, the group all go to a bar said to be rife with vampires, Devlin in particular. A fight ensues, and most of the vampires are killed, but not before Will is taken away by several of them. The three remaining slayers are left wondering what their next move is, and how to handle the captured vampire.

Some things they have learned:
  • Though Peter has a notorious and branded reputation in Nighthaven, not all vampires are aware of him. This can be good and bad.
  • Vampires are not pushovers. They can be very dangerous, especially when their true numbers are not known, or their individual levels. Slayers need to be careful, lest they inadvertantly walk into a level 10 vampire and his pals.
  • Vampires definately become more thirsty when in the area of a Bloodborn, not to mention two Bloodborn.
  • It seems that bite attacks against Bloodborn hurt the vampires. The vampires either do not know this until it is too late, do not recognize that their prey is a Bloodborn, or the smell of a Bloodborn is simply too much to resist.
  • Life in Nighthaven is dangerous. Slayers will have to adapt to survive.

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