Anicia is a previous lover of Peter’s. They met in 1946, had a torrid affair for two decades, and then stopped seeing each other when her master (Sarafey) found out. Peter was only using her to gain intel about his old master, and she was only using him for kicks. It was kind of taboo and dangerous for her to associate with someone who turned his back on his own kindred, but she loved the danger of being found out. Actually, she put forth only minimal effort in keeping their affair secret.

After a few years, Peter started nudging Anicia to leave her get. He started to actually like her company, and thought he might be able to get her to abandon Sarafey. After two decades together, she finally agreed, though Peter had suspicions that she wouldn’t actually follow through. That is when her get found out about the affair, and began hunting Peter. With a last-minute tip from Anicia, Peter barely escaped Morocco intact, and Anicia did not follow him. Some part of Peter has since suspected that Anicia actually let loose about the affair, and was simply curious if he could actually get away (she was a thrill seeker, after all).

Her get hunted Peter only occasionally, and stopped altogether about thirty years ago. He hasn’t heard anything about them since. Sometimes he reminisces about the good old nights with her, and other times he envisions dusting her outright.


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