Old Acquaintances

After a day of rest, the slayers regroup in an effort to locate their kidnapped teammate, or (at least) hunt the vampires that have probably killed him.

Through gathering information from contacts on the street, the slayers have learned that Lauren, a very tall Pureblood, is coming into town in the next day or so. She’s being accompanied by other vampires, though the purpose of their visit is unknown.

More information that was found was that a local vampire of some renown (Micah), has had extensive dealings with Shiela, the vampire that kidnapped Wil Willis. Upon reaching his estate, the slayers were greeted by two half-breed doormen, who would not allow Peter even to speak. The slayers attacked the vampires and stormed their way into the manor. Upon confronting Micah and a few of his bruisers, the slayers began questioning him. Micah, not one to be bullied, refused to be intimidated into anything. The slayers attacked, and Micah escaped.

As the slayers made their way back into town, they realized that they were being followed by a car since they left Micah’s neighborhood. Upon ditching their pursuers, they turned the tide and following them to a club in downtown New York. There, the slayers confronted them inside at a table. The slayers tried to intimidate and threaten them, but the vampires seemed to know that they were safe in the club, and eventually the slayers left.

Following a different lead, the slayers drove off. Pretty quickly they realized that they were being followed yet again – this time by a different car. The slayers led their followers to a warehouse district, and then set up an ambush. Instead of a fight, a beautiful Pureblood and her two sentries got out, and asked to speak with Peter. Anicia was her name, and the two seemed to have a history. Essentially, she stated that her master, Sarafey, would soon be relocating to Old New York. Anicia asked that Peter and his friends help rid Old New York of some trashy half-breed nests, so that Sarafey’s get didn’t have to deal with it. In exchange, Anicia would perform favors for him and his team as needed. The team hesitantly agreed, and said that their first order of business was for Anicia to help them locate their fallen teammate (Willis), or at least lead them to his killer (Sheila). She agreed, and the two sides parted ways.

The next night, the news reported that a family of four had been gruesomely murdered. Peter’s contact in the police force, Detective Hightower, called Peter to inform him about some of the details involving the murders, and to ask for help. He stated that there were some ritualistic markings at the scene, and the message, “This is for you, George.”



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